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Riki's Pizzeria, where passion can be savored

The authentic taste of pizza

Founded in 2018 by Riki, the pizzeria stands out for its dedication to creating innovative and satisfying flavours. The secret of his pizzas lies in the dough: worked with care and patience, Riki uses a combination of high quality flours, brewer's yeast and water, allowing long leavening phases. The result? A soft and light base, with an incredible crunchiness, ready to accommodate an infinite variety of ingredients. Among his most famous creations is the "Me Diell" , a red pizza with burrata, Taggiasca olives and cherry tomatoes, a triumph of Mediterranean flavours. But also the "Giornaliera" , with broccoli, sausage and taleggio, designed to be enjoyed in company.


Flavor Exploration: Beyond Classic Pizza

For those who want to explore different flavors, Riki also offers pizzas with barley dough , such as the "Parmigiana" with aubergines, the "Elba" with pumpkin cream, gorgonzola and pears, and the "Gourmet" with mozzarella, fried prawns, 'nduja, pumpkin cream, burrata and pesto oil. But the surprises don't end there: the "Padellino", with its dough steamed and made crispy in the oven, is a unique experience, enriched by ingredients such as raw ham, honey chestnuts and gorgonzola cream.

Delicacies from the oven:
Starters and Desserts

The starters also reflect Riki's love of pizza, with delights such as the "Tagliare Riki" with raw ham, stracchino and fried pizza bites. And for dessert , the homemade tiramisu or the fried pizza with hazelnut or pistachio cream are unmissable choices.


Hours and Location

We are open from March to December , with extended hours during the summer season to allow everyone to enjoy our delicacies. You can find us near Piazza Nember , a tourist area near the Jesolo lighthouse.

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