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Tradition that can be savored

Our pizzeria in Jesolo is the emblem of Italian authenticity and uncompromising taste! Our goal is to offer an unforgettable culinary experience through a vast selection of pizzas , satisfying both the most classic and the most particular tastes. We only use fresh, seasonal raw materials to ensure that every bite is an explosion of genuine and irresistible flavours. Each pizza is a work of culinary art, prepared with love and dedication to bring the authentic flavors of Italian tradition to your tables.


Typical Italian cuisine

But we don't stop there: in addition to our excellent selection of pizzas, we also offer a more sophisticated gastronomic experience in our restaurant with typical Italian cuisine: from pasta first courses to succulent meat and fish courses. Our passion for the Italian culinary tradition is reflected in every dish we prepare, with care and dedication to offer our guests an authentic taste of the beautiful country.

Whether you want to enjoy a crunchy pizza or delight in our typical cuisine, our expert chefs are here to satisfy your every desire. Come and visit us and let yourself be taken on a journey through genuine flavors and Italian hospitality at Riki Pizzeria and Restaurant.

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